Get everything to know about instant personal loans in India

Are you in search of fulfilling your financial needs quickly and without any hassle of lengthy paperwork? If yes, then look no further than the instant personal loan.

As the name suggests, these loans are processed and disbursed in a matter of minutes, making it a very popular choice among individuals needing urgent funds.

Let’s examine what you need to know about the convenient and hassle-free world of instant personal loans in India. Let’s get started!

Things to know about the instant personal loan

  1. Instant personal loan: The first thing that should be clear is what an instant personal loan is. It is a type of loan made to offer financial assistance to individuals in urgent need of funds. Unlike traditional loans that need lengthy paperwork and other processes, an instant personal loan can be made available quickly within a minute. These loans are famously known for their quick disbursement of funds and the minimal documentation process involved.
  2. Eligibility criteria: To be eligible for instant personal loans in India, one must be a citizen of India over the age of 21. The person must have a stable source of income and a good credit score. The eligibility criteria may vary based on the lender.
  3. Application process: The application process for an instant personal loan is simple and can be done online. The borrower needs to provide basic personal and financial information along with the required documents. Some lenders also offer a mobile app for a hassle-free application process.
  4. Interest rate: Unlike traditional loans instant personal loans in India have a bit higher interest rate due to their quick and minimal documentation processes. The interact rate can vary from 10 to 30% depending on the lender, credit card of the borrowers, and other key factors. In case the borrowers decide to repay the loan before the due date, the lenders can also charge processing fees and prepayment charges.
  5. Flexible use of funds: For any personal or emergency need, borrowers can use the funds from an instant personal loan. It can also be used to cover education fees, medical expenses, home renovation, debt consolidation, and other personal expenses.
  6. Instant Loan Disbursement: Lastly, another important key benefit given by the instant loan appis the quick disbursal of funds. Once the loan is approved, the funds are transferred directly to the borrower’s bank account within a few hours. These are the features that make it an ideal option for many people out there in urgent need of funds.


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